Monday, May 13, 2013

Praying for you today - 5/13/2013

My pray for you today, 
" . . . There's no rule that says God can only deliver by using a big army. No one can stop God from saving when he sets his mind to it" 1 Samuel 14:6b 
[The Message Bible]


Love Ya, 


Monday, April 8, 2013

Praying for you as you lead

Abba, thank you for today and life you’ve given me. All that i have is your gift and I am reminded that without you I don’t have anything. Thank you for being central to our lives, may we walk with you to become complete in you.  Thank you for the work you’ve begun and doing in me, even as I am unsure what that might be.

Bless these my brothers, sisters and fellow laborers in your holy calling upon our lives. Thank you the work we’ve been called into, no matter how challenging. Thank you for the struggle, and yes, the pain that accompanies it. You’ve led us this far, I trust you for where you are leading.

Thank you for protection as we go on to what’s next.I love you for the way you love me.

In your Name I pray, Amen!!!

Love ya, T.A.B.,


Monday, March 25, 2013

A Prayer for Christian leaders - 3/25/2013

Abba, today I pray for those of us who are preparing for one of the most important Sunday morning messages of our times and lives. To some it it just ‘another Sunday morning message,’ we are often unaware of how mightly you can and often do move among us, through people just like us.

Thank you for the inspiration of Your Holy Spirit, even now. This week some of us will be called upon the preach the funeral of a dear and beloved brother or sister in Christ, who it seems has passed into eternity all too soon; a friendship broken because of death we wish had not taken place. Or, we will be called to the bedside of someone, in a hospital or nursing home, to the home of young one, we didn’t see coming. We who use language and words often so easily, will find moments and times like these, as moments when . . .

Come Holy Spirit, we need you now more than ever. Lives depend upon you to change and transform, to convict and allow us to find a place of brokenness, where only you can repair or/or restore. Here Lord is where and when we need you the most. Here in the quiet of this moment, when I sit with and open Bible, and open heart and empty sheet of paper (or computer page) is where you can do your best work. Thank you for your inspiration and direction; for a living Word to a broken world.

And for those of us, who don’t preach or teach this weekend, may we too be instruments of a transformed life, by how we live, our lives being ‘living testimonies.’ of the ever living Christ! This year, this Resurrection Sunday, come Holy Spirit!!! Come!!! Work in and among us. Our clothes may not be new or stylish, may you be seen in what we are rather than what we have to wear. Thank you for the reminders of what you’ve done for us, in coming, living, dying and rising again for us. Thank you and I bless you for the gift you’ve made of us, to those who know you and the many who don’t. Many don’t care or know to care, but you do, and I thank you that you’ve made of me and others the voice of God to a wounded, and dying society and world.  This our prayer, in Your Name, AMEN!!!

P.S. to my fellow ministers wh0 will stand to proclaim your Holy Word this Resurrection Sunday, PREACH SIR, (MA'AM!)

Love ya, T


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just Thinking:

When friends let you down. Jesus asked three for his closest friends, to accompany him to the garden of Gethsemane (Luke 29:39 - 46) at a critical moment in his life, they fell asleep, not once but THREE times. Sad, but true of not only them, but many of our friends as well. 

Most of us are willing, but " . . . the flesh is weak." I need you, when I need you, but you weren't there for me! I've had it, and you will as well! Why am I surprised or pained by it? That's just the way we are at times. Please remember Peter's promise that he would die with Jesus. It turns out this is the same guy, who denied the Lord THREE times in the same evening.

Jesus was 'hurt' by by their failure and so will you, when I need you the most, (and I've been there for you) and you don't or won't come through for me. Don't be surprised, we all have or will let someone who loves us or needs us, down at some point. Jesus demonstrated his love for them, by including them in the moment of his arrest and after his resurrection.

I hope by His grace I too can and will be as generous with those who when I needed them, didn't call, didn't come through for me or spent time with me in my "Garden of Gethsemane' moment.

Love ya, T


Praying Together for each Other

Abba, thank you today for those who support us in our life, work, calling and Ministry; for those who take time to offer prayer, say or send a word of encouragement and those who simply pray for me and don’t comment etc., for us, thank you.

Thank you for those who stick by and with us, often I wonder why? Thank you for these gifts to us, may we share our love with them and others as well.

Thank you for open hearts and minds to love and work with us. Thank you for a “ . . . a little meal in a barrel, and little cruse of oil, . . .” (1 Kings 17:12,) that you are working with to bring about miracles we don’t expect.

Thank you for your blessing today and throughout this week on these your children, and fellow servants, In the mighty Name of Jesus I pray, AMEN!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Praying Together on Monday - 2/11/2013

Abba, today I thank you for the life you given and allow me to have. You have blessed me to enjoy the presence of You own Holy Spirit every day of this life. You’ve walked not only with me, but up and down in my daily life. You have been the one constant I can depend upon, THANK YOU!

i pray today, for those bereaved families and friends who have lost loved ones recently, especially those who passed into your presence so suddenly and unexpectedly. Bless those among us, who have had to stand by the bedside of a loved one, who lingered on the verge of death itself. Even here your Spirit was present, THANK YOU! Grant us courage to trust you when we don’t understand why and why now? We have questioned your wisdom and even your sovereignty, but we know you love us, even as we struggle to understand your why. Even here we thank you!

Bless us as we begin a new week, with it’s challenges, struggles, pain and frustrations. Thank you for blessing us with a few friends, brothers and sisters who care enough to listen, and when they aren't near to share our burden or struggle, I know they are interceding for me without knowing what I (we) face.

We thank you for a good outcome to our labors and the work we do that very few see or understand. Thank you for a cheerful heart, a song not only in the night, but during our daytime as well. come Holy Spirit, do your best work in me and the ministry and life I’m called to live.

Thank you for family, even as we struggle to be ‘a family.’ Thank you for that one who loves me not only for what i do, but for who I am. Thank you for those who cause me pain and tears, and moments of question. Thank you for being so near. Thank you for help and hope as I wonder what’s next? Thank you for being the joy of my salvation, the lifter of my head, my strong tower and the peace that passes all understanding, today, throughout this week and for the rest of my life!

I love you Jesus! In your own Name i pray, AMEN!!!


Monday, February 4, 2013

Praying Together On Monday - February 4, 2013

 "Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you." 1 Peter 5:7 (KJV)

Abba, today I thank you for this reminder, this Word to me, that you care for me. Not only because of what I do, but because You care for me. THANK YOU!!! How simple this is, but sadly I've come to believe you were interested only in what I do or have done, Your Word to me today reminds me of the value You place upon me as a person, one of your 'dear ones.' I bless you for being called into your service and place where I serve, no matter the value others place upon me and what I'm called to do, you blessed me to be, for your greater purpose and glory, THANK YOU!

Thank you for this version on this Scripture, you "careth . . ." which implies, You continue to care. You don't stop caring for me because "I do;" You care because I am. There person I am, the purpose I serve, and the pleasure it gives you to be my God, and being in my life. 

Thank you for your ongoing concern for me and mine, if my family, THANK YOU! I my community, THANK YOU! If for no one but myself, thinking I am alone, (single), You are present, and working within and around me, for your own glory and purpose, THANK YOU!

May I find peace simply walking with you, and joy in service of yourself. Thank you for healing the wound of my past and those who like me have be wounded along the journey, you've seen our wounds, and you've poured in 'the oil and wine,' of healing, even when I don't think it 'feels' that way. You care for me. Me, the person you created me to be, the me, you continue to work on and out of for a purpose and glory I may not live to see the end of. 

THANK YOU for your care, your love and grace, which continues to work in, on and through me. Thank you for just being present, I love you! In Jesus Name I pray, AMEN!!!



Thank you Elder Lovell Garrett for being His voice to me. To